Friday, May 9

White House Reno 2014—Weather Proof and Walls in the Bedroom

There really wasn’t much work {to be seen} going on at the house this week; it was a lot of prep work and getting the house weather-tight with the zip system and the roof trusses in place.


The windows still need to be cut out, but it’s all ready for the windows, doors, roofing, and siding to go in. The windows should be coming today, and the door arrived yesterday. Not sure if we’ll see them in before the weekend or not, but definitely in the next week or so.

The big excitement happened yesterday: They got the walls for our bedroom framed out! Matt and I went down last night with his dad to finalize all of the electrical placement before they run the wiring tomorrow.


The bathroom. You can see {right side} the new doorway into our hall, which will be a pocket door, and the bathroom will also have a pocket door. My FIL asked what was with me and the pocket doors…I don’t know, I just like them. It just makes a lot of sense to me when you have several doors in close proximity {that, and the whole idea is pretty cool!}

Where the insulation is, that is where the tub/shower and stacked washer will go, the opposite wall will have the vanity and toilet. We’re planning on building some sort of shelf/cabinet to store towels and stuff in the bathroom. There is a window in the center of the far wall {can you see it?}

We went this past weekend and looked at some cork flooring to put in this room, but neither of us were impressed with it. So, we’re back to square one….we’ll be putting the pine flooring straight through and doing our very best to seal it from water damage. I’m still having a heck of a time finding BLACK {not oiled bronze or something else} faucets…I will though…don’t worry.

I had really hoped to salvage this clawfoot tub that’s in Matt’s grandparents yard, but, alas, there is a huge crack right down the middle of it, that I am neither qualified or willing to deal with, so in the field it stays. In the meantime I have to get my booty in gear and find a bathtub that we like.

photo 3

Continuing in the master bedroom.

The opening in the wall leads into the closet/attic/studio space, and what is now the ONLY attic/storage space in our house. It takes up a good chunk of the room, but it was needed, and the room is big enough. The bed will go where the ladder is.

DSC_0140Continuing around the room. Where my FIL is standing will be our “sitting area”. This is one of those dream things…I’ve always wanted a little sitting area in our bedroom, a place just to relax and chill without having to walk downstairs and inevitable wake the kids as soon as our feet are in the hall. I can’t even tell you how much I look forward to looking out my windows and enjoying the sunrise.DSC_0141

{Left} Looking toward the back of the house. We’re planning on building floor to ceiling shelving along the left side, so that we can store all of the things that were once in the attic, most of which was things in boxes or storage totes {Christmas, kids’ stuff, and some seasonal things}. A lot of the bigger things {ie. baby toys} are in use by family members or stored in my IL’s barn.

{Right} Looking toward the original house will be a U shaped closet of some sort. Matt and I really don’t hang much clothing and don’t have {me} much clothing, so this is a ton of space for us, and is a vast improvement on the closet in our current bedroom.Closet

And that’s about it. We did go over the interior walls of the kitchen area and “hammered” that out to. Next week should be exciting since we should {or at least I think we probably will} have all of the windows and doors in place. Once the electrical is all approved, then we can finish the insulating, get the walls closed up with sheetrock, and start to look like something {but that all will take a few weeks at least}.

I do believe the roofing and siding has been ordered, if not it will be in the next day or so. We’re going with a charcoal gray metal roofing. our roof does not get much sunlight because of the huge trees around our house {trees that are much to expensive to remove}, so asphalt shingle roofing really is not the best bet for us. We’re doing LP SmartSide clapboard siding in Cream, then I’ll repaint the front of the house to match.

Lots more work still to go, but it’s pretty fantasmagorical to walk around all of it.

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