Sunday, May 18

White House Reno 2014—We have windows!

This past week has been absolutely insane. Matt’s grandparents’ interment was yesterday, which means there has been tons of family coming in all week. I realized yesterday that I hadn’t even started, let alone posted, this weeks update pictures. This is the first time since Thursday that I’ve actually sat down at the computer.

Shall we…

These pictures were taken from the post that stayed in the kitchen, going from left to right. The stairs {bottom right in the picture} will be going under the 2 windows to the left.DSC_0144Where the kitchen table will be going.DSC_0145Where the woodstove will be {in the far right corner}.DSC_0146The got the master “suite” framed in the week before.DSC_0147DSC_0148DSC_0150DSC_0151The rainy days this week they worked on framing out the kitchen areas. The room with the red pipe in it, is where the mudroom/laundry room will going.DSC_0158The kitchen wall between the living room. You can see the big opening that will be the “pass through” to the kitchen. I gotta be able to keep an eye on the kids somehow.DSC_0159The basement steps were installed. We got a great deal on these since there was a small dent on one of the steps. The original buyer didn’t want it with the ding, so we got the deal.DSC_0168The new sliding glass door in the kitchen. We went with the brand Neuma and I’m really pleased with it. It’s a nice, solid heavy feeling door.DSC_0169And the roofing! We went with Charcoal, but it looks like a darker slate blue. Whatever. I don’t know how anyone can pick a roof color based off of a 2cm x 2cm swatch. I wanted black, but we thought it might be a bit too stark.DSC_0173Picture from the neighbors’ so that you can see the roof.DSC_0178

I went to Lowes on Friday {Jamie had a hearing appointment} and bought all that we needed for the upstairs bathroom. There isn’t too much more to buy as far as finish pieces. We ordered our bath tub, as well as 1800sqf of flooring for all the floors in the house {we’re doing them all over again}.  We’re ordering the interior doors and siding tomorrow, and finalized the countertops that we’re going to be going with.

There’s still lots to do. I keep hoping we’re going to be moving back in soon, but I have the feeling that it’s easier for my FIL if we don’t. Things should start coming together pretty quick {they’ve been going incredibly fast so far}; once we have the electrical inspection done we can get the walls insulated and sheet rocked. Then bring someone in to do all of the taping {hopefully we can find someone}. After that it’s painting {hoping my broke rib feels better by then} and flooring!

I think we should be well within the “deadline” of getting it finished before the fair, but who knows. The focus right now is to get the inside done {at least I think it is}, then focus on the siding and trimming the windows and doors. It’s definitely coming together though.

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