Friday, May 23

White House Reno 2014–It’s Electrifying!

There aren’t many exciting pictures this week, and there probably won’t be for a few more weeks. We’re at that tedious point of lots of little things that are getting done, but it doesn’t LOOK like there is much progressive. The big thing for the past week is that they’ve continued putting on the new roofing {which I’m having a hard time getting a picture of—no I am not climbing up there}, and have run a majority of the wiring for the house.

DSC_0195They did get the walls around the stairway framed in.DSC_0194And some of the plumbing run.DSC_0196DSC_0197DSC_0198

Don’t be surprised if I don’t have too many Friday updates over the next few weeks, and if I do…enjoy them!

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