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White House Renovations 2014–Before

You can all thank TheNester for this post; for giving me permission to post the crazy before pictures. I’ve been wanting to share some pictures of what’s going on in our house now, but haven’t wanted to share all of the mess with you. Then I realized that I wasn’t being truthful with you. I can show you perfectly staged “Before Pictures” that show everything all neat and tidy, or I can be real.

I’m choosing to be real.

Hold on to your seats! This may get ugly.

White House Renovations The Before #WhiteHouseReno2014

This is the current view of the living room, kitchen, pantry, laundry room, and breakfast nook {from left to right}. This is the standing point I will use for all of the panoramic pictures I will show of the kitchen, that way you always have a fixed point to see the difference in. IMG_4565

Here it is with a bit more detail.


You can see the chaos we’ve been living in for the past few months, and how there is JUST NO ROOM in this kitchen for anything anymore.

We’ll move into the laundry room now {the door on the right in the pano picture above}. This room currently measures 6’9” by 6’10”: It’s not very big. It is our only access to the backyard. It originally looked like this when we bought the house.


The other door {on the left in the pano picture} opens to our pantry. It used to be the pantry/office, until I needed to be more visually in line with the trio, then I got downgraded to the kitchen {which is a lot warmer than this office is}.


This room has pretty much become a dumping ground for everything: I so can’t wait to get it cleaned out. That’s the dog crate underneath all that stuff on the right, poor creatures {and yes, that is still snow on the ground…a fresh dusting}.

We’ll move on to our current stairs in to the basement…We’re ready if we’re ever invaded by aliens. This…will…actually…become…our….wait for it….PANTRY! My FIL had the brilliant, and I am saying that will all sincerity, idea to convert this into a walk in, dropped floor pantry. I can’t even tell you how excited I am by that. {The existing basement will be accessed through the new basement}.


The living room will also be getting a makeover…particularly the floors.


The dining room will be staying as is, but will be getting new floors.DSC_0242

Then we’ll move upstairs….


This is what our hallway looks like right now. The door on the left goes into the attic, the window on the right looks out on the kitchen roof and a small portion of our yard. I do love this little window, because it has a stunning view of our apple trees and the mountain. The view that will soon be visible from ALL of our new windows!

The door will be removed and re-sheetrocked, the window will be removed and the door into our bedroom will go there. It means a smaller master bathroom that way, but it resolves the issue of having to step down from our doorway on to the landing and up into the hallway {yes, I can see me falling down the stairs in the middle of the night}. The top of the stairs will have a gate that continues out of the railing, so that no one can go down the stairs if it is closed.


This is my attic….isn’t it lovely?!


There use to be insulation on the ceiling, until they weatherized our home and ripped all of it out and insulated the floor, which resulted in a WONDERFUL moisture issue, since there were icicles hanging {and then dripping} from each of the nails that poked through. We had several things that were destroyed by the mold and numerous things that took a lot of work to get cleaned again. I was so angry, and yet this is how every one tells me attics are insulated. Fortunately we won’t have this issue in the new attic. What you’re looking at now, will soon be our new master bedroom, with closet/studio/storage and full bathroom…oh yea!

Shall we move outside now?


This whole back off-shoot is what is being removed. The originally windows are being salvaged and will be replacing the replacement windows in the living room {since I can’t stand them}. The addition will be the full width of the remaining house and the full two stories that the rest of the house is.IMG_4297IMG_4298

I think that’s all the before pictures. I’m showing you all of this so that you can see just what WON’T be there in a few weeks. Everything here, every inch of it, is going to be gone. It will cease to exist and all there will be is a huge hole in the back of my house and a crater in the backyard. Oh yea!

I’m not sure yet how I’m going to keep you guys up to date. What do you think? Once a week? As projects are finished? Let me know how you want to keep up with the #WhiteHouseReno2014 {I will be posting frequently on Instagram under this hash-tag, if you want to keep up with the every day goings on}.

Next week I’ll show you what will be replacing all of this loveliness….

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