Wednesday, October 10

“Pain Redeemed” {A Review}

Some of the most difficult years of my life were those spent struggling with infertility; and yet, God brought good out of it. He drew 1picmonkey-004Matt and I closer together and both of us closer to Him. Isn’t that what we pray and hope for? To be drawn closer to God, to have our hurts and sufferings redeemed by His grace? To have a purpose for it all?

This book written by my dear friend and sister in infertility, Natasha Metzler, is the book that I WISH had existed four years ago when we were in the depths of feeling lost and a drift from God, not knowing what His plan was for our lives. Natasha so beautifully reaches from the pages, touching your soul in the most “beaten and bruised”
places, a healing salve.

With excerpts from her own journal, as well as beautifully worded poems and parables, Natasha shares how her own pain has been redeemed, is still being redeemed. No pain, whether from infertility, loss, or anything else, is unredeemable. We have a God who can and does work all for good. We just need to seek Him.

“He’s a God of miracles. A God of redemption. I can just barely hear His whisper at times but it is there, rising on the wings of the dawn.”
~from “Pain Redeemed”

If you have ever struggled with anything in life, whatever it is that left you on your knees and feeling as though God wasn’t there, that there was nothing that He could do to help in anyway, that you were beyond redemption, please read this book. I have not been touched or felt as strongly about any book as much as I do about this one, in a very long time.

Please visit Natasha’s blog and revel in the exquisiteness of her words, on a daily basis. You can purchase her book through her blog as well as through

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