Friday, April 20

Do you want to eat healthier....{and a Giveaway!}

.... without having to spend your life in the kitchen? Are you overwhelmed by the daily decision of what to eat? Thrown together with trying to eat healthier, real food?

I know I am. With 4 kids, that I don't want to have face the same struggles as I do with my weight, food is always stressing me out. Gluten or no gluten? Which kinds of fats? Dairy or no?

I have a solution, actually I have several solutions: From the "What's for dinner?" question to "How do we eat the way God intended us to?" : Real {Fast} Food! A fantastic book, written by my friend, Trina, that helps you make life a bit easier and whole lot healthier!

Trina covers it all! Monthly menu planning, once a month grocery shopping, how to alter your favorite family recipes so that they're healthier. Her book gives you fantastic ideas on healthy substitutes as well as some of her own tried and true recipes. She not only tells you how to make meals that are better and more nutritious, she tells you how she fits it in to her own busy schedule (she's a mama of 3 little ones).

The best part is, she's real about it, this is how she cooks, how she nourishes her family day in and out, even when they're on the road. She has a great website and facebook page to support you in your goals; always willing to answer any questions.

Since I think this book is so great in helping you on the road to getting your kitchen and eating habits in order, I'll be giving away one PDF copy of the book. Or if you don't want to wait and just want to get your hands on it NOW, visit Real {Fast} Food and get your copy instantly, for Kindle or Nook.

a Rafflecopter giveaway PS.This is my first time using rafflecopter, it seemed pretty cool, if you can't get it to work for you, for whatever reason. Just leave a comment in the comments below for each of the entries.

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