Thursday, January 12

Third Week in the NICU (Part 3)

Day 20 ~ January 10th

We didn't go up today, but Ellie is holding her own. She's just really struggling with the bottle feeds. No really major changes or issues.

Day 21 ~ January 11th

Matt, the Boys, Ave, MIL and I all went to Albany today. Henry had his circumcision appointment and we asked MIL to go along, we knew she wanted to see Ellie, plus it was an extra pair of hands (and someone else driving home). We got to the OBs for Henry's appointment: As I was asking if the doctor if there was any chance they could do both boys, I was told that they had a scheduling mix-up and couldn't perform even one. Fortunately the doctor was awesome and he made some changes and was able to get both boys done (saving us a trip up next week).

We got to spend quite a bit of time with Ellie, which was nice. She was doing really well again with the bottle feeds and the nurses were planning on turning off her heat around 7pm. They weren't quite sure how she was going to handle it, but were really hopefully that she could be coming home on Friday (1/13). Her current weight was 5lbs and a 1/2 ounce or so!

Day 22 ~ January 12th

Little Miss did not like having her heat turned off. With the first feed they were seeing that she was struggling. It took her 45 minutes to take one of her bottles. The nurses decided rather than risk her not taking her bottles (and back-tracking 24 hours again) that they would force the feeds and put the heat back on.

The doctors have since decided that her heat can stay on indefinitely and they won't hold it against her in regards to discharge. The nurses and Matt and I all agree that it's best for Ellie to stay in the NICU until she is taking her bottles with no issues whatsoever, particularly since the boys can still be rather slow at times with their bottles.

She did lose a little weight overnight. She had been taking breast milk (lower calories) and trying to regulate her heat. Between those two factors she lost about an ounce. Not a ton, but it was a loss.

We'll be going up tomorrow.



Life Happens said...

I hope Ellie gains weight!!

Kristen said...

She's getting big - I'm sure she'll be home before you know it!

Queenie. . . said...

Glad to see she's otherwise doing well. So, how is it with the boys at home? How is Ave handling it all? Hope you're getting a little bit of rest yourself!

Feather on a Wire said...

I know this is a silly thing to say, but try and conserve you energies. Two new ones at home, Ave, plus one hours away, it must be so hard.
Love to all of you,