Monday, January 9

Third Week in the NICU (Part 2)

Day 16 ~ January 7th

We know we're not going to be able to visit Ellie as much as we like with the boys home. We didn't go back up today. The nurses said she's doing all right, but taking a bottle only every other feeding or so. She's been really struggling with the bottles.

Day 17 ~ January 8th

We went and visited little girl today. The nurses were so excited to see the boys and couldn't get over how big they were just since Friday (really? in 2 days?). We didn't get to stay long....only about an hour or so. It kills me to go up there and just hold her for a little bit, put her back in her isolette and walk back out the door. Soon she'll be home.

She was still being a bit pokey with her feeds, but had managed to take all of her afternoon bottles and had no issues with them. We'll see how the night goes.

Day 19 ~ January 9th

We had the boys' first pediatrician appointment today, so we didn't get to go visit Miss Ellie. Last night the nurses were quite hopeful that she was on the up and up and maybe even would be discharged on Wednesday. She had been taking all her bottles like a champ.

This morning was 24 hours of only bottle feeds, which means they then turn the last little bit of heat off in her unit (wait 24 hours and if she's eating and maintaining heat she would be discharged). Within a couple of hours of that she had all but stopped taking any of her bottles. So the heat was put back on and they were having to tube feed her. No Miss Ellie coming home on Wednesday. BOOHISSS!

They said other than that she's doing well. Just not well enough. I was so looking forward to heading up there on Wednesday and bringing her home, but I guess that isn't going to happen.


Life Happens said...

Glad she's doing better. I hope she can come home soon so you can have your whole family under one roof!

Feather on a Wire said...

This must be so tough for you (and her). Maybe it's life's way of breaking you in gently to having 3 babies at home.

The Wife said...

I'm praying everyday that Ellie gets to come home and that you all be together soon.

The babies look so sweet. Congratulations. Love all the updates!