Thursday, January 5

Third Week in the NICU (Part 1)

Day 15 ~ January 5th

Today they're two weeks old! A half a month old and I have yet to hold all three of my babies at once, or see them completely naked. I feel like we've lost so much time together and have so much to make up for.

I called the NICU this morning to find out whether James would be getting discharged today, only to find out that they were planning on discharging Henry too. Fortunately, they decided to discharge them both together, tomorrow. I didn't even go up today, which was hard.

Ave and I stayed home and I got some things done (bottles washed, Christmas tree out, nursery finished, laundry caught up etc). I think she really liked having a low-key day at home with mommy.

We called this evening to see how the babies were doing. The boys were doing all right, although Henry was being a bit slow with his feedings. Ellie on the other hand barely took any bottles today and the few she did she didn't finish.

We're excited to be having the boys home soon, but I feel so homesick for poor little Ellie being up there all by herself. Before I felt like the all had each other, but with the boys coming home she's all alone :-( I know with the boys home I won't be able to go up and see Ellie as much as I would like...probably only every other day, but I'm trying not to think about it.

Day 16 ~ January 6th

Today the babies would be 36 weeks old. As of right now the boys are coming home today...pending cir.cumcisions, which is turning out to be a nightmare. Why is it a nightmare? Because despite me telling every single person who asked that we DID want them circ'd, they were never circ'd.

I've since called our pediatrician, our urologist, and my OB...none of them do circs on newborns. Of course I called the NICU and told them this, they suggested the OB (which I called at their suggestion and they don't do it). Now I'm trying to get a hold of the NICU again to find out what can be done (since the discharge papers have already been drawn up for today). Long and short: We have to take them back to Albany on the 11th and 18th for the boys to be circ.umcised.

Matt and I got up to Albany around 5:30pm. We immediately started doing discharge stuff and fed the boys and got them in their car seats. Knowing that we had a 2 hour drive and would be getting home just before their next feed we didn't get to spend much time with Ellie.

She's doing OK. They were giving her every other feed from a bottle, but she wasn't tolerating too much of her food. She's really in about the same place as she was last week, which is rather frustrating. We're hoping to go back up on Sunday to see her. Fortunately we can take the boys back with problems with that.


sadie607 said...

That's nice that they let you take the boys back with you. When Eli was discharged before Emmy he was not allowed back in at all.

Here's praying that Ellie can get her feeds down and come home soon.

Amanda said...

I hope Ellie catches up with her feeds soon too. I guess it hasn't been that long yet, but I'm sure it feels much longer.