Monday, January 23

Home Management Binder ~ Part Trois

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I'm the queen of lists, I love them, I love scratching things off, I love seeing progress. That's one thing that is great about a Home Management Binder, I can keep lots of lists together in one place. When creating all of the different sections and documents to go in my binder I started with a list of the different sections that I would need, such as: Contacts, Schedules, Household, Finances, and Cooking.

Under the Contacts section I have a page with all of our pertinent contact information, particularly emergency information in the event that something happens and Matt and I aren't home. We have a list of our doctors, our {multiple} contact numbers, emergency services numbers; as well as the kids medical information.

Also I keep a list of everyone's addresses and phone numbers here for quick reference, so I don't always have to pull up our Christmas mailing lists when I want to send someone a card or thank you.

Schedules includes our daily chore schedules, as well as weekly. There's a section in there to keep track of the triplets food/sleep/diaperings and Ave's bedtime routines. I also keep a years worth of monthly calendars in there, so that we can write down doctors appointments or any other things we need to schedule well in advance.

The Household section is the most intense. Remember I said I love lists? I've been keeping a list of chores for years; every single thing that needs to be done in every single room/space in our house, in order for me to consider the space immaculately clean {meaning it would be ready for its photo shoot in Better Homes and Gardens}. I've also included a list of projects and one-time chores that need to be done in this section. There's a convenient one page sheet that can be taken out, or a large sheet for each room to take them on one at a time.

I also have a section in here about how we do our laundry: How things are sorted, how the machines run, but particularly how the cloth diapers are prepped, cleaned, dried, and put back into circulation. I also have signs for those things hanging in the laundry room, so that anyone who decides to stop by can jump in.

Finances is a very straightforward and easy section, for me. This is one area that many people put a lot of time and thought into for planning their budgets and keeping track of all of their bills and savings. We're not your average family, we own a grocery store, and other than paper goods, produce and cleaning supplies, we get everything from our store. I do have a breakdown of Matt's paycheck, with all of the allotments for putting money aside for bills and savings. The rest of our finances are taken care of online, we only receive 1 or 2 bills in the mail every few months that I need to worry about.

The last section is Cooking. I haven't put much time into this section, because many friends and family members have been dropping off meals for us, and being that Matt is either in the store every day or stops by on the way home we eat what is in the store. Sometimes I do plan meals in advance, but for the most part we've been flying by the seat of our pants. Last winter we worked on a monthly meal plan and will be going back to that soon. That's where I keep track of that.

I also keep a running list of all of the different meals I make, most of them are things I don't even need a recipe for, but I also include recipes in this section for favorites that are less familiar. It's so helpful to have all of those things in one place!

One of the things that really helped with creating the pages and sections of my Home Management binder was goo.gling. There are so many freebies out there that people have made available for download, as well as great ideas for different sections or ways of organizing the binder.

*Disclaimer: I don't know why the pictures are so yellow. It's a nasty day here and I think it's from using my flash. Sorry. I'll try to update later with better pictures.


sadie607 said...

Wow Jess that household To-Do list is quite extensive :~) You're so well organized. I've alway meant to do something like this but I never get around to it.

Bobbi Johnson said...

Wow!!! You are sooooooo organized! The question you stick to it? :) I wish I was as motivated...I don't know how you do it...especially with your 4 kiddos!