Tuesday, January 17

Ellie is HOME!

Which means....we're all home, together, under one roof, all 6 of us! I went up yesterday with my MIL, while my mom and her friend stayed at our house to take care of Ave and the boys. I can't tell you how good it is to have all of the babies home {and the added perk of no longer having to drive to Albany...YAY!}

{ James and Ellie ~ James, Ellie and Henry }

{ Elanor, Avelyn, Henry, and James }

{ Sisters! Avie Mae and Ellie Sue }

Now comes the fun. Tomorrow is my first day at home with all 3, A L O N E! I'm sure we'll survive, but it should be interesting. Here I go, life with 4 kids 2 and under :-P


Bobbi Johnson said...

They are all sooooooo cute! My prayers will be with you as you embark on your first day alone!

Life Happens said...

Yay, so happy everyone is home together! I'm sure you will have a fabulous day tomorrow with all kids :)

sadie607 said...

So precious and I think they all have similar features as A. I've been thinking of you I hope your past couple of days have gone okay.

zygotta said...

I love looking at your pics - all of you look awesome! I feel like I would have loved to be friends ig I lived in the area