Summer Stories {Part 3}

Friday, August 29

Things have started to settle down a bit from the fair. It was kind of nice to have the fair be so early this year, gave us a few weeks to settle down before heading out on our next adventure: Hershey Park {more on that on Monday}. But for now, I shall regale you of the tales from fair week.

Somehow I managed to push the 250lb stroller to and from the fairgrounds {about a mile one way}, twice a day, for 7 days and only lost 2 lbs. That just somehow, doesn’t seem fair. The kids had fun though, and they were all relatively well behaved. Going around by myself I don’t let anyone but Avelyn out of the stroller, and she’s only allowed out in the morning, when there are less people around.

Ironically there seemed to be a lack of ridiculous comments made to me. Of course, there was a plethora of the whispered ones and disgusted looks. I decided that I can handle the ridiculous comments, even the nasty ones, but I really have a hard time with the looks of abject disgust on their faces. Fortunately, they’re few and far between.

We always start the day with breakfast at Baba and PopPaul’s {Matt’s parents} concession stand.IMG_2296[1]

I think the kids downed about 2.5 lbs of breakfast sausage in one sitting.IMG_2299Then it was always off to see the animals.IMG_2300IMG_2302IMG_2304IMG_2307IMG_2311Checking out the baby chicks in the 4H building.IMG_2314Having dinner we Daddy at our stand.IMG_2324”This is yummy corn mom!”IMG_2337How we rolled one night, when I didn’t want to deal with the quad stroller. Let me just say that Jamie will not be getting worn on my back ever again, especially when walking 2+ milesIMG_2343We had quite a bit of hammin’ at home too.IMG_2358IMG_2366Then it was back to the fair to eat. We ate at the fair a lot; I just do not feel like cooking that week, especially when Matt has a ton of our good food over there.IMG_2373Then there was that one night we invited all our friends and their kids to come to dinner at our stand.IMG_2374IMG_2379We had to get at least one picture of daddy and the kids.IMG_2389Then there was that one day that me, my sister, and my friend Jill snuck out of town and headed to Ikea {we had lunch at Chipotle}.IMG_2422More fun at the fair!IMG_2428IMG_2433Lunch on the go! Hot dogs in hand.IMG_2434We even sneaked in a bit of ice cream the one afternoon.IMG_2445IMG_2450

Avie even got to pet a cow…she wasn’t too keen on it.IMG_2454The highlight of the week was that this little girl won her first big kid bike!IMG_2465Of course one of these had to happen…chili cheese dog.IMG_2480We had to train our staff in the art of fried food.IMG_2491Avelyn got to milk a {fake} cow.IMG_2496James stole Mommy’s glasses.IMG_2497The highlight of course was the wooden John Deere tractor play set.IMG_2502IMG_2505With Oma, Ollie, and Aunt Kiki to watch.IMG_2506Then there were the ducks. My how this boy loved the ducks.**IMG_2511More milking of the fake cow.IMG_2518IMG_2520James loved the animals in the petting zoo.IMG_2526IMG_2535Our mandatory family picture on the last day.IMG_2537

**Yes, we are those awful people who put our children on a leash. I want to see you keep track of 3 kids that like to run, in opposite directions at a busy fairground ;-)

Summer Stories {Part 2}

Wednesday, August 27

One of the highlights of my summer has been the constant stream of Outlander news, in anticipation of the new book release as well as the TV series on Starz! In June, a friend and I drove to Philly for the Diana Gabaldon book signing. Next up on our tour de force was the premier of Outlander, since going to any big premier showing was simply out of the question, we did our own.


My friend Jill invited everyone to her house for a premier party…complete with Outlander book displays!



We all piled into the living room to take our pictures and get ready for the showing {l to r: my sister, my mom, Jill, and our friends Beth and Rachel}.

Then it started! Complete with FanGirling…


It was awesome! The show was pretty good too…now a bunch of us descend on Jill’s house every Saturday to chill out and watch the latest episode together.

I even was so over the top as to make bridie pies and shortbread. A bridie pie is a delicious meat pie…the recipe for which I will share this fall, after I’ve worked out a few kinks.IMG_2191[1]

What have been some of the fun things you’ve done this summer?

Summer Stories {Part 1}

Monday, August 25

This week, I plan on catching you all up on life inside the White House. Renovations are going strong, we’re nearing the end….there’s just a lot of detail stuff inside that’s on hold while they finish the outside. The fairs over and things are finally starting to settle down in our “new” house. I told Matthew that this weekend was the first he’s spent in our home since March.

We’ve had a pretty busy summer, beyond the renovations that have been going on. For the first 6 weeks of “Summer” the kids had swimming lessons Monday-Thursday. They all did awesomely! Unfortunately, the triplets were put back in PACA {Parent and Child Aquatics} because they weren’t 3, which made things a bit more complicated, since we had to have 3 adults every day to go in the deeper pool with them, we managed most of the time. Ave did so well in swimming that she’s moved up to Level 1, and possibly will go in Level 2 next Summer.

IMG_2029IMG_2033IMG_2035IMG_2052And 2 of my lovely helpers: Oma and Mrs. SchickyIMG_2061

We even convinced Daddy one time to go to the pool with us. Despite his aversion to going, he and the kids had so much fun! The were so upset at the next day’s swimming lessons because daddy wasn’t there.



It’s really a shame that none of my kids enjoy swimming in the pool.