The Triple Toilet Training Terror

Friday, October 24

The first thing that raced across my mind at our first ultrasound with the triplets was “We have to potty train THREE at once!?” We had yet to start potty training Avelyn, but I was dreading it…three at once was terrifying! And yet, here we are, three years later, attempting to potty train three at once.toilet training

I’d love to tell you that it’s gone amazingly and that everyone is completely out of diapers, but…. that would be a lie: A big ol’ fat, stinky, wet lie. And yes, it’s turning out to be as bad as I expected it to be.

They’re all interested in the potty. They will all sit and do something in the potty {1 or 2}. None of them do any of it with any kind of consistency that makes me willing to forgo the diapers.

James is the closest. I think if we were to work with him for a week he’d be done. For the most part he is dry in the morning, dry after naps, and pees quarts at a time, but then there’s that #2 thing. That’s not working out so well. He either doesn’t go at all, or then goes in his underwear. The biggest battle with him is that he’d rather go #1 and 2 in a diaper than in the potty; so we have to be on him about going.

Henry is the least interested, but wants the undies the most. We’ve told him, no undies until he’s dry for 3 days…hasn’t happened yet. He wakes up absolutely soaked in the morning, demands water all night long {I get up with him more now than I ever did when he was a baby—and he gets water all day}, and doesn’t care if he’s wet or poopie.

Ellie is interested, but again not motivated to be consistent.

For all of them the toilet is great fun! They love using it! They love flushing it! They love it! The biggest problem we face is Mommy Burnout, because taking one to the potty consistently is hard enough….THREE is an absolute joke. You would think I’ve never done this before because I feel like I’m at a complete loss.

The hardest thing is when one wants to go the all want to go, but then they’re all in the bathroom and playing around and making messes and causing chaos and I want to curl up on the couch in a ball. It’s quite literally insanity. But this too shall pass.

I’m hoping this winter, with Matt home a bit more regularly that we can tag-team and get this whole potty training thing done and over before the Spring.

My apologies…in advance.

Monday, October 20

I have several reviews that I need to get posted up on the blog, like yesterday, so there will be several going live today. That way I can get them all out of way and be able to move forward with bigger and better things in the next few weeks: Like a giveaway {or two} and some reveal pictures of the house!

Blessed are the Peacemakers {a review}

Ave and I love the Berenstain Bears. I know not everyone does, and a lot of people think they’re rather “campy”, but I love them. They always have a good message, a good story, and lots of great discussion starters for important conversations: Blessed are the Peacemakers is no different.Blessed  are the Peacemakers

The story follows Brother and Sister bear, and their friends, as the school prepares for their production of “Romeo and Grizzliet”; obviously there’s conflict and not everyone is getting along. Until Brother and Sister, and a few other important characters take a stand and explain the importance of getting along to everyone, adults and kids a like.

Interestingly enough {I read the back of the book} Jan and Stand Berenstain {the creators of the Berenstain Bears} passed away a few years ago, and it’s been their son Mike Berenstain who has continued the family tradition of writing and illustrating these books. Avelyn loves the stories, the lengthy pages are a bit lost on the triplets though, so I think anyone 3 and up would enjoy these books. The illustrations, story, and message of this book is right in line with all of the Berenstain Bears books.

I think it’s a great read and definitely recommend it.

Now for some fun! As part of Ave’s school work I wanted her to do a review of the book…here’s our video {since she’s not old enough to write yet}.


***Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the BookLook Bloggers book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.” You can read my own disclosure policy here.

Kombucha Revolution {a Review}

by Stephen Lee with Ken Koopman

Matthew’s been making kombucha for the past few years, mostly for my parents and himself. I suppose it’s the natural progression of a homebrewer to be interested in all things fermented.


I was looking through the books available for review from BloggingForBooks and asked him if he would be interested in checking this book out.

Now, before you think Kombucha Revolution is just a book full of different flavored Kombucha recipes, let me just tell you…it’s not. There’s all kinds of recipes in this book, with one common ingredient Kombucha!

The book starts out with an introduction of Kombucha, what it is, it’s history, and explaining all the parts and things needed to make Kombucha {it’s a lot easier than you think…Matthew makes it in 1/2 gallon Mason Jars}.

It follows closely with several recipes for making your own flavored Kombuchas and then quickly moves into smoothies, “spirited” cocktails, and a variety of salad dressings, cold soups, and other yumminess!

I’m looking forward to delving further into all the recipes in this book. I may have to try a few myself and not let Matthew have all the fun of fermenting!

The book is well written, with great recipes and instructions, and awesome photographs, that catch the eye. Definitely worth checking out!

**I received this book for free through the BloggingForBooks program, in exchange for my honest review. You can read my disclosure policy here.

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