Every New Beginning Comes from Some Other Beginnings End

Wednesday, September 30

{I love that song!}

For a while now I’ve been working on a new blogging venture. I’ve shared a bit here and there across the internet, but not much. I’m MOVING! As my birthday gift I purchased a new domain and setup shop on wordpress.org…where you can now find me at JessicaMWhite.com! This blog isn’t going anywhere and many of the posts will be staying right where they are, but some of them will be moving along with me. I won’t be posting too often over here, but will be continuing to write at JessicaMWhite.com.

JessicaMWhite dot com

What does that mean? For you, absolutely nothing. If you have signed up to receive blog posts via email I will be updating everything on the backend, so you won’t miss anything. If you haven’t and want to visit here. As for the new place I’m focusing on it being a much more intentional place for my writing. Over the years I have been trying to become more intentional in my blogging, this is just another step along that pathway.

For a long time I’ve felt very strongly pulled to embrace myself as a writer. It’s not easy, because I certainly don’t feel like a writer {does anyone know what a writer does feel like…besides a nap}. I’m hoping that in the new space I will be better able to focus on encouraging others in their walks as moms and wives, as well as all the personal interests and endeavors that we each have as women. My hope is that over time JessicaMWhite.com will grow to be a community of women embracing the roles in their life and supporting others as well.

That said….won’t you join me?

*I will ask that you pardon the dust over there. There’s still a lot of links that need to be updated, posts that need to be moved, and little details that need to be smoothed out. I wasn’t planning on revealing my new space until the end of October, but then, through a series of events, decided to participate in this year’s Write31Days.com, which will be the bulk of the posts that are up during the month of October.

31Days: What’s your interest?

Wednesday, September 23

October is the time for the 31Days! I did it in 2013 {?} and am thinking about doing it again. What topics would interest you most?

3 Months Old

Wednesday, September 16

It’s here…one of the first milestone ages, in my opinion. Three months always marks the beginning of a new baby-phase….they’re out of the newborn and firmly planted on the brink of greatness! Rolling over, sitting up, teething, and grabbing things are on the horizon! Big things ahead!

There aren’t many words for this little boy…he’s incredible in every way possible.


*Weighing in at almost 15 lbs –Avie was the biggest at 13.5 lbs at 3 months {you can find the boys’ 3 month post here}
*Able to hold up his head
*Sleeps like a champ…naps on and off all day, then sleeps from 9/10pm-7/8am….incredible!
*Immediately goes to sleep during tummy time
*Starting to discover his hands
*Officially a thumb sucker…he hasn’t had a “Georgie” in 2 weeks YAY!
*Loves to “stand” in your lap
*He’s maxing out the 3 month clothes and is getting moved to the 6 month this weekend


Here’s all of my boys at 3 months {Clockwise from top left: James, Peter, Henry, Peter}

My Boys at 3 Months

Fair Season: What exactly is that?! {part 2}

Thursday, September 10

If you didn’t read the first part about what the lead-up to fair week is you can find that post HERE.Fair Season What Exactly Is that!

The craziness of the weeks before the fair intensify ten-fold the week OF the fair.

What actually happens during fair-week?

We start serving food on Sunday, the fair doesn’t officially open until Monday, but it gives you a chance to work out any kinks. In the mornings Matt usually leaves the house by 7 to run errands. He goes any gets any food, drinks, etc that he may need, if he didn’t the night before. He spends all day working right alongside our staff. We start serving around 10:30am and are open until 10:30pm, sometimes earlier or later depending on what events are scheduled at the fairgrounds at night. And, of course, there is always laundry to get done.

Every day they serve a full menu: Hamburgers/Cheeseburgers, Hot Dogs, Sausage, Fried Sea Food, Local Corn on the Cob and Salt Potatoes, Fruit Salad, Fries, Onion Rings, Pizza Rolls, Fish Sandwiches, Nachos, and drinks. When I say it is a full restaurant…it is a FULL RESTAURANT. We have a complete menu.IMG_2491

Once they close up, all of the equipment gets cleaned, things get restocked, employees leave, then Matt runs a few errands {he doesn’t have time to do them all in the morning or after work}, comes home, showers, and then does the bookkeeping. Put on repeat, ad nauseum for all week long, for 7 days.  Matt usually doesn’t get in bed until 2 or 3am, then is back up and out the door by 7am. I think he makes up for the lack of sleep the rest of the year.

The last day of the fair is a Saturday. Sunday is spent scrubbing all the equipment, dealing with all the leftover food/drinks/etc, unassembling everything, and putting it all away until next year. Tear down goes a lot faster than setup. The following week I spend doing whatever laundry didn’t get done on a daily basis…all the tablecloths, tees, kitchen towels etc. Then there is payroll to be done, taxes, and all of the lovely bills and paperwork that need to be taken care of.

This year during fair-week my in laws asked me if I could do peaches for their stand. Their dessert item is fresh homemade peach shortcake…and it really is fresh and it really is homemade. Between everything else going on I spent time blanching and peeling peaches for shortcake. My sister and I prepared around 12 half-bushels of peaches; which meant we blanched them, peeled them, and sliced them up into a simple syrup and delivered the days peaches every morning….with 6 kids between us. I did share a bit about peaches on Instagram and Periscope {you can find the periscope videos here}.


In years past the kids and I would go over to the fairgrounds at least once a day to visit Daddy and eat. This year I just didn’t have it in me to push the quad stroller all around with a 13lb baby strapped to my chest. In the afternoon/evenings there are so many people there that it’s hard to walk around with a stroller, I much prefer the mornings. For most of the week we headed to the pool in the afternoon instead of the fairgrounds.

That’s pretty much what fair season and fair week are for us: A lot of work, a lot of stress, and it’s only by God’s goodness and grace we actually get through it. This was the first year I actually made it all the way through the whole thing without having a stressed out crying jag.


Until next year…..