Who is the Creator of Life?

Wednesday, October 8

I was reading a blog post the other day, which dealt with the idea of a designer God, designer babies, selective abortion, and several other trains of thought that devolved further into whether or not reproductive medicine has a place in the Christian world. Every paragraph I read, every comment, went further away from what the original article was about {how we’ve created for ourselves a “Designer God”…which I agree with} and more about the “proper” Christian stance on reproductive medicine.

The more I read, the hotter my face grew. Every comment became a new fuse lit in my bundle of dynamite, as people who have no idea about infertility, no idea about adoption, continued to express their opinions on those who pursue infertility treatment. Right down to the writer commenting that infertility treatment was abortion in reverse {still trying to wrap my head around that one}.

I know this common opinion has been expressed throughout the internets, that by seeking reproductive help people are playing God. That they are circumventing God’s will, by seeking treatment. Newsflash: THERE IS NOTHING IN THIS WORLD THAT CAN GO AROUND GOD’S WILL. NOTHING. End of story. Who is the Creator of Life? @LifeintheWhiteHouse.com

My husband and I went through quite a bit trying to have kids…constantly worrying that we were somehow playing God. We prayed. We talked. We sought counsel from pastors. We asked that God take away our desire to have children. We looked at our alternatives. We came to one conclusion: There was nothing we could do that would force God’s hand. If having children through pregnancy was not in the cards for us, there was no treatment that we could do that would make it happen. ONLY GOD CAN CREATE LIFE!

People always figure, “why don’t they just adopt?!” People would…if it were that easy, but it isn’t. We had looked into adoption, but what most people don’t realize is that adoption costs money….a lot of money. It takes time….a lot of time. And the big thing…it isn’t guaranteed. There are so many children out there in need of a good home, and so many couples who desperately want to give them the home and love that they deserve, but you know what…the system is flawed and it doesn’t always happen.

To call infertility treatment “abortion in reverse” is disgusting: It is belittling of a very real and very serious epidemic in the world, the desire to END inconvenient life. It is an attempt to equivocate those who end life {which anyone can do} with those who SEEK to welcome new life. Yes, sadly, abortions do happen due to overly successful infertility treatments; but a lot more abortions happen on a whole without any relation to infertility treatment. To earmark couples who are struggling to create a family as kin to abortionists is….. I don’t have words, because the whole thing just makes me shake in anger.

The bottom line, and my wish for Christian couples struggling through infertility, who already feel guilty for their inability to conceive, and for those who think they understand infertility, and pass judgment on others who can’t get pregnant from sex: Only God can create life. That’s it. No one else. Pursuing infertility treatment no more makes that person a creator of life, than the person who has sex.

Every doctor will tell you the same thing. They can explain how life begins, the science behind it, the reasons why it may not work, the reasons why it may, but no one can re-create the exact moment in which life begins. All the pieces can be put together perfectly, but that doesn’t guarantee anything. Just ask all the heartbroken couples who have tried to have children, through reproductive medicine, only to be told that nothing happened.

It is not possible for man, in anyway, shape or form, to create life: It is not a gift that God has given to us. He has given us the knowledge and tools to make it possible, particularly for those who’s own bodies may not be able to, but to actually create life, to get those cells replicating and heartbeat fluttering that is a gift still held only by Him.

My Favorite Apps

Monday, October 6

I love Apple. I may have a problem. I’m not sure I care to admit it. We bought our first iPad in May 2011 {as a “necessity” for the potential bedrest with triplets} and I loved it, but then Avelyn was using it for things and the kid apps kind of took over. Then I had this moment in which I really wanted a small camera to take around rather than my honkin’ huge Nikon D90, so I sold my old fashioned iPod Nano and put the money toward a 5th Gen iPod Touch. That was the beginning of the end.

About a year after my iPod, I was a bit tired of carrying around my old crap-tastic flip phone AND the iPod. I sold my iPod and upgraded to the iPhone 5C, and there’s been no looking back since. The whole push for me with iDevices was pictures. I love pictures. I’m visual. I love sharing and seeing pictures. So it stands to reason that my favorite apps have a lot to do with pictures {some of them, not all of them}.

Here we go:

1. Instagram – This one is pretty self explanatory. As I’ve said, I love pictures. There’s just something about being able to micro-blog {which I’ve managed to do better than regular blogging the past few months}, with a few clicks of a camera. AND I get all that eye candy delivered straight to my newsfeed.

2. Wunderlist – This is an My Favorite Apps for My iPhone @LifeintheWhiteHouse.comawesome app. It also has a web-based counterpart that lets me edit and update list from my computer. I use this for tons of things: Christmas and gift ideas, a running list of what I need from what stores, and the best part is…once you check something off it puts it out of sight, but when you need to re-add it to your list, BOOM! it’s there {perfect for grocery shopping}.

3. LookOut – This is a security app. It’s free, it does have a paid counterpart, but the free is awesome. On more than one occasion I’ve had to SCREAM my phone to find it in the house, when I’ve muted the ringer. It allows you to locate your phone, lock it out, delete it, and several other things.

4. Fraction Plus – This is a nerd app. I use it for my quilting. I’m not good at math, never pretended to be, but this app takes the guess work out of figuring fractions {which seem to be an unavoidable part of quilting…and baking…lots of baking too.}

5. Waterlogue – This is just a fun app. It does cost $2.99, but it saves me a lot of money and aggravation. I love watercolors, but I’m not that good at PAINTING watercolors. I used to have a program on my old, old computer that did a beautiful job of converting images to watercolors, but the program was outdated and wouldn’t function on our new computer. I couldn’t find a replacement that didn’t cost more than $100+ or didn’t take 50 steps in photoshop to replicate. This one, I just get it on my phone and BAMM! it’s water-colorized! Just like that leaf up there in my header ;-)

What are some of your favorite apps?

I Haven’t Disappeared; I’ve Just Been Busy

Thursday, October 2

If you follow me on instagram you know that I haven’t fallen into a pit and disappeared; it’s just been crazy-busy in this house! I keep thinking that I’m going to get time to sit down and FIGURE OUT what I’m going to ACTUAL BLOG ABOUT, but it doesn’t happen. The days are just blurring together and things just don’t happen the way I plan. Of course it doesn’t help, that I think I have to have Better Homes & Gardens quality rooms and pictures to share.

I keep wanting to start sharing the house pictures, but I’m either working on said house or it’s too dark to start tacking pictures. I told Matt that one of these days we need to ship-out the kids, spend some time cleaning {forget decorating}, and just get some pictures taken. I keep taking lots of other pictures, wanting to blog them, but that would require time to actually sit down, upload pictures to the computer, and put them in a post with words. Yea.

Painting seems to be the bane of my existence lately…and not the paint a big room and have something to show for it. It’s the touch up holes in trim, sand, and re-paint; the painting that no one is ever going to notice. Except for me and there is TONS, TONS of it to do. It’s the projects that require time, but have so little impact on anything visual {like sealing the tile in the shower, or fixing a drain in a sink}.

I’m really hoping that this month, we have all our weekends free, that we can get some stuff accomplished. We did get a bunch of things done that move us that much closer to having our home back to normal, this past weekend: Like shelves in the old bathroom closet, so that we can stop living out of boxes and get the boxes out of the dining room. It’s the little things in life.

How are we? We’re good. The kids are good: Avelyn has started ballet and {homeschool} kindergarten, the boys are doing great with their speech therapy, and Elanor is flashing her smiles at everyone {mostly to get her own way}. Matt and I are sorely in need of a date-night, but would rather spend every free moment trying to get the house put back together before Thanksgiving {my deadline}. We were joking last night about just ordering in dinner for us one night, after the kids have gone to bed, to just chill for a bit.

Life is good, and time marches on. I’m truly, truly hoping to start having something to show for the past 6 months of effort. That said I will leave you with some pictures of the gorgeous leaves that are changing around here.




You can see more of the leaves changing on my instagram feed Smile